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Fırat University Medical Journal of Health Sciences
2023, Cilt 37, Sayı 3, Sayfa(lar) 188-192
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Analysis of the Orthorectic Behavior of Students in the Faculty of Health Sciences
Edanur BALALAN1, Edibe PİRİNÇCİ2, Kevser TUNCER2
1Elazığ Fethi Sekin Şehir Hastanesi, Diyetisyenlik Birimi, Elazığ, TÜRKİYE
2Fırat Üniversitesi, Tıp Fakültesi, Halk Sağlığı Ana Bilim Dalı Elazığ, TÜRKİYE
Keywords: Orthorectic behaviors, university students, eating disorder

Objective: This research was carried out to determine the frequency of healthy eating obsessions of students studying in health-related departments and the factors affecting them.

Materials and Methods: This research, which was conducted with the 1st and 3rd year students of a health sciences faculty of an university, is cross-sectional. The data were obtained with a personal information form and a questionnaire consisting of the ORTO-15 scale. SPSS 22.0 was used to analyze the data.

Results: The median age of the students included in the study was 20.00 years (20-21) and it was determined that 15.8% of them were male. While 49.8% of the students evaluated in the research group are first year students, 50.2% are third year students. The median height of those included in the study was 165.00 (160.00-170.00) cm, and their body weight averages 59.00 (52.00-66.00) kg. The ORTO-15 scale scores are lower and show more orthorectic tendency in men, who stated that there were obese individuals in their close vicinity, who attempted to lose weight in the last year, who stated that they had a chronic disease, and those who stated that they used regular medication (p<0.05). ORTO-15 scores; It does not change according to class level, age group and being an obese person in the family (p>0.05).

Conclusion: As a result, orthorexia tendency was found to be high in some of the participants. Men show more orthorexic tendency than women. Multidisciplinary studies should be carried out to increase the level of awareness and consciousness towards reducing orthorexic attitudes in students who are future healthcare professionals.

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